Scope Of Services

We don’t just practice law; we help clients succeed in a complex and dynamic global marketplace. We’re committed to developing tailored, cost-effective strategies to transform legal challenges into business opportunities, based upon a thorough understanding of each client’s unique set of circumstances, resources and objectives.

Licensing, Business & Consulting

Although the business goals of owners of intellectual property vary widely, we believe that the protection, maintenance and enforcement of intellectual property rights should reflect and reinforce those goals. Combining extensive business experience and legal expertise with insight, foresight and prudent judgment, the LGP team also provides counseling to effectively strategize and implement integration of your intellectual property policy with your business objectives. Of course, these services include drafting, negotiating and concluding various business agreements, including marketing, joint venture and licensing agreements involving all forms of proprietary intellectual property.

Partner David LaRiviere leads our team for these services, together with experienced trademark and patent support staff

Prosecution & Maintenance

Our seasoned patent, trademark and copyright teams work to cost-effectively to secure and maintain clients’ intellectual property assets and rights around the world. We prosecute patent, trademark and copyright applications, maintain rights and assist clients in obtaining and enforcing such rights in the U.S. and abroad.

Our patent, trademark and copyright team is headed by partner David LaRiviere. Mr. LaRiviere is former Chair of the Intellectual Property Section of the California State Bar Association, former Co-Chair of the Council of State Bar Sections, and an AV-rated patent/trademark professional with over thirty-five years of legal and industrial experience. The prosecution team also includes patent attorney Nelson Rivera and a highly experienced team of paralegals and administrators.

Enforcement & Litigation

The litigation and enforcement team at LaRiviere, Grubman PC forms a unique combination of experience, effective trial instincts and thoroughness, technical expertise, budget consciousness, creativity and common sense. We combine the service, continued personal contact and flexibility of a small firm with the capacity to handle substantial intellectual property litigation cases. Our work also included proceedings before the Patent and Trademark Office and internet domain name dispute resolution.

Our litigation team is headed by partner David LaRiviere. The core team also includes Nelson Rivera, Chris McElwain, and a dedicated support staff.
Throughout our history, LGP has provided IP enforcement services including infringement analyses, arbitration, mediation, and litigation on a world-wide basis.